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Quality and dependability engineering student -in ISTIA
I 'm looking for an internship in Quality and Dependability ( RAMS ).
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El Mustapha SOUKTANI

  • Quality & Dependability
  • Reliability / Availability / Maintainability /Safety
  • FTA / Risk Spectrium / Reliasoft Alta


Reliability Engineer

Since March 2017
  • Study of mechanical reliability for the whole (structure, chassis and suspensions) and on board electronics (passenger compartment and under-hood, dashboard, ...) of the autonomous vehicle / E-COCKPIT
  • Safety Studies on Driving Assistance Systems
  • Conducted safety studies on all ADAS functions (Advanced driver assistance systems)
  • Functional Approach
  • Preliminary Risk Analysis (Dysfunctional Analysis)
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Organic FMEAs for each ADAS function
  • Dependability Synthesis Report
  • Ensure validation and traceability against requirements, at the level required by ISO26262 for ASIL B to C levels

Reliability engineer - Student Project

Since September 2016
  • Setting a tool aimed to calculate the duration of accelerated tests on electronic cards (Using the Arrhenius model) depending on the mission profile and project planning of the constraints.

Quality and Dependability Trainee Engineer

May 2016 to September 2016
  • Creating platforms DFMEA Excel & VBA for new products in development:
    - Defining the Need
    - Development of functional needs analysis
    - Development of technical functional analysis
    - Define the product life phases.
    - Identify potential failure modes that could affect reliability.
    - Develop a plan of action on critical elements of the system
    - Propose technical solutions for customers

    Realization of the preliminary analysis of project risks
    Realization of system failure trees.
    -Taking Into account rules and standards for automotive systems.
    -Animation Of functional analysis meetings
    Realization of FMEA product
    Functional analysis file -Drafting
    -Setting Up a graphical interface on VBA enables Valeo customers accessed the failure modes that they want and other indicators directly FMEA

    In parallel to these tasks I performed project management tasks:
    -Creating Planning software with Gantter
    -Setting Of Product block diagrams

    - Risk Analysis (FMEA, ADD, APR)
    - Functional analysis (FIT method, Brainstorming, FAST, SADT, Misme, Kano Model ...)
    -Setting Of product diagrams
    - Software: Excel & VBA Macro
  • Analysis of the history of failures and maintenance interventions
  • Identification of subsets to treat preventively
  • Failure modes's analysis by subset and there effects and criticality
  • Preventive's proposal with frequency accuracy and spare parts that have stocked in store
  • Formalization of preventive proposed per machine
  • Deployment to the maintenance team
  • Supervisor on CM 2 students for robot making

Quality and Dependability Trainee Engineer

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
  • Compliance of a mass spectrometer developed within the LIST
  • Developing a technical file for the mass spectrometer set – Solenoid- Cooling circuit
  • Developing a handbook for safety and use.
  • Determining the conditions of nominal use for the mass spectrometer.
  • Identifiying relevant & harmonized standards (MIL-HDBK,EN 50371, EN ISO 13849,IEC EN 61000, EN 62311, CEI 61511,...)
  • Unique risk assessment document , AMDEC Survey, fault tree.
  • The results measurement and the magnetic & electric field interpretation.
  • Evaluating electromagnetic fields (EMF) related risks.
  • Monitoring compliances.

Preparatory course tutor

ISTIA– Industrial Systems Engineering School of Angers University
2014 to 2015
  • Electricity and passive filtering tutor

Internship at Valeo

  • Stacking different types of diaphragms into carriages.
  • Working on production lines at PRESSES machines.
  • Operations checking, Anomalies detecting and reporting.
  • Production Operator: detecting, locating and treating products defects.
  • Informing production documents
  • Verifying and controlling the diaphragms quality, guide rings and other parts.
  • A visit was organized by the ISTIA 11/27/2013 at both sites of Airbus aircraft:
  • - From 8 am to 12 am: Visit the Airbus Nantes site
  • - From 1 pm to 6 pm: Visit all units of production and assembly site Airbus Saint-Nazaire

Graduation final project

OCP-Office Chérifien des Phosphates
April 2013 to June 2013
  • Studying an existing automation managing the functioning of two air compressors,
  • Developing LADDER program via RSLOGIX 5000 software, and making good performance tests,
  • Devising the specifications for the implementation at the FlexLogix PLC.

Graduation final project DUT

laboratory of the School of Technology
September 2012 to April 2013
  • Design and construction of an absorption refrigeration machine.

Training course

  • Proposal of quality methods (5S and 5M).
  • Drawings simulations on SOLIDWORKS.


Baccalaureate in Mathematical Sciences

Hight school Ibn Khaldoun
2008 to 2011

Mathematical Sciences

Associate's Degree

High School of Technology (Salé /Morocco)
2011 to 2013

Industrial Engineering and Maintenance

Engineer's degree, Quality, Reliability and Safety Engineering

ISTIA– Industrial Systems Engineering School of Angers University- , France
2013 to 2015

Quality, Reliability and Safety Engineering


  • Frensh
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Luxembourg
  • Reliability study: FIDES
  • PDCA
  • D-FMEA
  • SPC
  • SPPC
  • FMDS
  • S-FMEA
  • M-FMEA
  • P-FMEA
  • Brainstorming
  • FAST
  • SADT
  • Functional analysis
  • External Functional Analysis (EFA)
  • Internal Functional Analysis (IFA)
  • Fiabilité opérationnelle et prévisionnelle,mécanique et électronique
  • Fiabilité opérationnelle
  • Modélisation fonctionnelle et dysfonctionnelle (Réseau de Pétri, Chaine de Markov)
  • Arbres de Défaillances
  • Normes EN : 50126, 50128, 50129
  • Norme ISO 26262
  • RDF2000
  • Operational research
  • Quality and dependability
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Function Analysis
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA, APR,...)


  • Luxembourg
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Morocco
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Football
  • Swiming